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Beside being one of the most ancient capitals in the world, when it comes to nightlife, Hanoi certainly has a reputation. Hanoi Nightlife is definitely is the most boisterous, especially in the Old Quarter. When the sun goes down, there’s always something to do whether it is joining some street activities or partying in the best night clubs in Hanoi,…

In this article, as the locals, we will provide you some Hanoi Night life tips you must know to make your trip in Hanoi fulfilled and perfect.

The activities will be broken down into 2 main parts for you to choose:

  1. Street Activities: For anyone who likes to join activities with local people
  2. Night Bars and Clubs: For those stylish party-goers out there want to have a really fun night out in Hanoi.

Let’s get started with the Street Activities first!

Street Activities in Hanoi Nightlife

  • The Walking Street

Don’t want to stay in one place? We have another option for you: Take a walk on the Walking Street.

The Walking Street is actually a 7km street that combines of 26 streets located around Hoan Kiem Lake. It only opens on the weekend, from Friday nights to Sunday nights.

Night life Hanoi Old Quarter - Hanoi Travel Guide

Red lines shows the Walking Street

In the Walking Street, all kinds of transportation are prohibited, you can only walk.

Walking along the street will take you several hours because there are so many activities to join. You can stop by to join some Vietnamese traditional games, enjoy some street art performances or simply walk around and immerse in the atmosphere.

Night life Hanoi Old Quarter - Hanoi Travel Guide

People joining a traditional game in The Walking Street

Night life Hanoi Old Quarter - Hanoi Travel Guide

A street performance in Hanoi Old Quarter

Before going for a walk on walking street in the evening, why don’t you try some Hanoi Street Food Tours  to get energy for an exciting night?

  • Night Market

Got presents for family and friends at home?

No? Then you must go to the Night Market to grab some.

Same with the Walking Street, Hanoi night market is held from 18pm to 23pm every Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.

Night life Hanoi Old Quarter - Hanoi Travel Guide

People buying stuffs in Night market

The open-air market runs through the Old Quarter, starting from Hang Dao Street to Dong Xuan Market. There are all kinds of products you can find here, from clothes, bags, accessories,… to household items, souvenirs, home decoration.

Address: Hang Dao, Hang Ngang, Hang Duong Street.

  • Ta Hien – Beer Street

You definitely cannot miss traditional Hanoi beers, it’s one of the best.

Want to grab some? Go to Ta Hien Street.

Night life Hanoi Old Quarter - Hanoi Travel Guide

Nightlife in Hanoi Old Quarter – Ta Hien Beer Street

Also called the “International Crossroads”, Ta Hien Street is one of the most popular places for tourists in Hanoi. Always full of people, here sells delicious beers with great price.

Nowhere else can you see and experience the vibrant nightlife of Hanoi than in Ta Hien Street. Here you will be joined with many other local young people and tourists all over the world and might even gain some new friends afterward.

It’s definitely worth a try!

Opening Hours: Daily to late night

Address: Ta Hien Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Would you like to go to throw a party? Then, this will be your favorite part. Just keep reading and find you suitable Hanoi Nightlife.

Now let’s move on to what party-lovers have been longing for: some of the best nightclubs in Hanoi.

Bars and Clubs in Hanoi Night life

  • Dragonfly Bar Lounge

Dragonfly Bar and Lounge is a very chilled out place that attracts both Vietnamese young people and foreigners come to dance and have fun.

Night life Hanoi Old Quarter - Hanoi Travel Guide

Foreign friends in Dragonfly Bar

The Bar plays a variety of music ranging from hip-hop to party pop music. There’s also a shisha lounge, pool tables, and big-screen TVs airing the latest sports events.

Opening Hours: 8a.m to Midnight

Address: 15 Hang Buom Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

  • Infinity Club Hanoi

Infinity Club is a favourite club of the locals. This is where the city’s stylish party-goers gather for a fun night out.

Night life Hanoi Old Quarter - Hanoi Travel Guide

Infinity Club is a favorite place for the locals

Located in Hang Bai Street, Infinity Club is only 10-minute walk from Hoan Kiem Lake. With a spacious dance floor, impressive lighting, reasonable price alcohol, not to mention having its own local DJs, Infinity Club is worth to pay a visit if you are planning to have some really good time in Hanoi.

Night life Hanoi Old Quarter - Hanoi Travel Guide

Partying in Infinity Club – Nightlife Hanoi

Opening Hours: Everyday, from 9p.m to Midnight

Address: 45 Hang Bai Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

  • Funky B

Compared to many other bars in the Old Quarter, Funky B has fairly large area with 2 different spaces. The outside space looks like an ordinary pub. However, the inside space is impressive with bird- cage shape wine cabinets.

Night life Hanoi Old Quarter - Hanoi Travel Guide

The Outside space of Funky B looks like ordinary Pub

Night life Hanoi Old Quarter - Hanoi Travel Guide

The inside space of Funky B with bird-cage shape wine cabinets

The Bar has its own local DJs and also holds monthly performances by international DJs. They have all types of trending music, from Electronic Deep House, Funky House Electronic to Progressive House Funky,…

Opening hours: Everyday, from 9p.m to Midnight

Address: 2 Ta Hien Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

  • King Pirates Pub

King Pirates Pub is a brilliant little pub hidden in the back streets of the old quarter. The Pub’s concept was inspired by Pirates of the Caribbean film series and everything in the Pub is designed and related to the Pirates’ themes.

Hanoi Nightlife Old Quarter - Hanoi Travel Guide

The Pub is inspired by Pirates’ themes

The majority of customers here are foreign tourists. This small yet charming Pub serves a satisfying selection of rum drinks, local beers, and wines with reasonable price.

Hanoi Nightlife Old Quarter - Hanoi Travel Guide

Customers are drinking Rum drinks

This Pub is praised for its friendly atmosphere and great customer services. The 2 owners are superb and very chatty.

So are you ready to “walk the plank”???

Opening hours: Every day, from 10a.m to Midnight

Address: 24B Hang Giay Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

Although the list is still long, we have recommended you best things to do for your amazing trip to Hanoi. And don’t forget to enjoy the Hanoi Nightlife Old Quarter.

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